JD (Jack Daniel’s) Pizza


Indulge in the unique and delectable Jack Daniel’s Pizza, exclusively offered at My Goodness. This gourmet pizza is a culinary adventure, perfectly blending the rich flavors of roast chicken and smoky bacon with a touch of fiery spice from jalapeños. Each slice is a masterpiece of taste and texture, featuring fresh mushrooms, crisp red capsicum, and red onion, all harmoniously layered with a generous amount of cheese.

Unleash the Flavor with MG Special BBQ Sauce

The star of this dish is the MG special BBQ sauce, infused with the distinctive taste of Jack Daniel’s whiskey, which introduces a bold, smoky flavor that complements the other ingredients spectacularly. This sauce doesn’t just add a rich aroma; it enhances each bite, making the pizza not just a meal but an experience.

Crafted for those who appreciate a pizza that goes beyond the ordinary, the Jack Daniel’s Pizza is perfect for any occasion, whether it’s a family dinner, a gathering with friends, or simply a night in. Its robust flavors cater to the palates of those who enjoy a bit of heat and the deep, comforting flavors of BBQ and whiskey.

What sets this pizza apart is the careful selection of high-quality ingredients. From the tender roast chicken to the crispy bacon and the vibrant vegetables, each component plays a pivotal role in creating the final flavorful ensemble. The jalapeños provide a spicy kick that cuts through the richness, while the combination of red capsicum and red onion adds a slight sweetness and crunch that balances the dish beautifully.

At My Goodness, we’re proud to offer a pizza that’s not just food but a delicacy that excites the senses. The Jack Daniel’s Pizza is a testament to our commitment to culinary innovation and quality, ensuring that every pizza we serve is a memorable one. Next time you’re craving something extraordinary, remember the Jack Daniel’s Pizza — it’s more than just a pizza, it’s a flavor adventure that awaits at My Goodness.