About Us

We’ve always and will always be about what’s good.
Good Food – Good times. Pizzas and burgers that are familiar, delicious and warming to the soul. Our goodness is also all about our products and our non-compromise on the quality of the ingredients, generosity and value…

So at the end of your meal, and every time, you’ll not only feel satisfied but also feel good for hours. No guilt, no remorse.



The quality of our produce & our meats is paramount to us. We use grass fed beef & lamb free from antibiotics and all added hormones.


We don’t skimp on goodness. Our chef’s momma’s guarantee extends to our products and service. 



Everything is made to order, when you order and never before. All our protein is prepared & cooked in our kitchens daily.


We love the element of surprise here and we try to put it in everything we do! Come & experience our tasty surprises.

Our Story


From day one, when we opened the doors to our first My Goodness store, we believed that we could make good food just like our chef’s mum {Margaret} made for her large family & make her proud. It’s how we did it back then and how we still do it today.

Just like Margaret did, our chefs care about each and every order that comes out of our kitchens. Our food doesn’t just taste good, it’s also guilt-free. You won’t feel remorse after eating with us, instead you’ll feel satisfied and feel good for hours after!