MG Goreng Chicken Burger


Indulge in the unique culinary delight of our MG Goreng Chicken Burger at! This isn’t just any burger; it’s a spectacular fusion of East meets West, where traditional Southeast Asian flavors are lovingly paired with the classic Western burger to create something truly extraordinary.

Starting with the star of the show, the MG Goreng fried chicken breast is seasoned with a rich blend of Indonesian spices that bring out a bold and aromatic taste. The chicken is juicy and tender, providing a satisfying crunch with every bite, enhanced by the crispy shallots sprinkled on top for that extra oniony zing.

No MG Goreng Chicken Burger would be complete without a generous helping of our freshly made coleslaw. The slaw adds a refreshing crunch and a slight tanginess that balances the spicy flavors of the burger perfectly. Layered on top, a perfectly fried egg oozes richness, its creamy yolk mingling with the house tomato relish to create a sauce that’s both vibrant and comforting.

Sauce Sensation: House Spicy Mayo

And let’s not forget about the sauce our house-made spicy mayo. It’s creamy, with a kick of spice that lingers on the palate, compelling you to take another bite. This sauce is not just a condiment; it’s the glue that binds all the flavors together in harmony.

For those with a hearty appetite, we offer the option to “Make it a Big Bastard.” This upgrade doubles the goodness with extra chicken, more crispy shallots, and an additional layer of egg, ensuring that even the hungriest of foodies are satisfied.

Experience the MG Goreng Chicken Burger today—available for a limited time at Whether you’re a fan of fusion cuisine or just looking for something different in your burger routine, this burger promises not just a meal, but an adventure in every bite. Don’t wait, order now and taste the fusion revolution in fast food!