10 Traditional Large Pizzas


When it comes to hosting an event, the food you serve can make all the difference. At My Goodness, we offer a fantastic catering option that will leave your guests satisfied and delighted. Introducing our “10 Traditional Large Pizzas” pack, specially designed for gatherings and parties where great taste and hearty meals are a must.

Perfect for Every Occasion

Choose from our selection of best-selling traditional pizzas, crafted with love and the freshest ingredients. Each pizza is a homage to classic flavors that resonate with all age groups, ensuring that every guest finds something to enjoy. Our traditional pizzas range from the beloved Margherita, rich in tomato and mozzarella, to the more elaborate combinations featuring meats, vegetables, and our signature sauces.

We understand that planning an event requires attention to detail, so we’ve made our pizza packs extremely convenient. Each large pizza serves two people comfortably, so with our 10 pack, you’re well-equipped to cater to a party of 20 people. This makes it an excellent choice for small to medium gatherings, ensuring everyone gets a slice of joy.

Moreover, our pizzas are not just about great taste but also about bringing people together. The act of sharing a pizza fosters a sense of community and enjoyment, making your event memorable. Whether it’s a birthday party, office gathering, or a family reunion, our “10 Traditional Large Pizzas” pack guarantees that your catering needs are met with style and flavor.

Enjoy the ease of having delectable, high-quality pizzas that are sure to be the highlight of your event. Order now and let My Goodness take care of the feast while you bask in the celebration!